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Installation at Straitjacket

"Tethering the mind to the weeds while I walk, engaging curiosity to stay present"
Participatory installation at Straitjacket Art Space, Newcastle
Projected imagery and material ephemera, dimensions variable

This installation was held as part of my solo show Bidens Pilosa at Straitjacket in late August 2022.
Inspired by Robert Morris' 1969 installation work 'Continuous Project Altered Daily' and with the desire to challenge the notion of art as a static object I returned to the work on multiple occasions throughout the exhibition to work on the installation and allow it to evolve.

I was interested in exploring the relational aesthetic of the work and exploring how my presence within the work engaged the audience though I felt uncomfortable with the idea of it becoming a performance so instead I invited the audience to participate in the work's creation.

To create the installation I selected documentation from my preparation for the show, such as drawings, photographs, paintings and other ephemera from my studio. The show focused on cultivating an appreciaton for the weed Bidens pilosa which I encounter daily growing in the gutters and on the verges of my neighbourhood.

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17 Aug 2022 - 4 Sep 2022


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