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Archive of Practice

Welcome to my Archive of Practice. This Archive was first created 30th January 2024 as a means to document my inventory of artwork, existing media and materials that I have available in my studio, as well as the ways I combine these items into different configurations such as assemblages and installations to create new work. The aim is to document both the evolution of these materials and their evolving connections over time. The Archive is not an exhaustive database of my existing items but a focus on items I have engaged with since the date of the Archive's conception (and then on), as well as selected past projects that were adequately documented. The items listed within the Archive are currently categorised as either "Objects" or "Arrays" Objects = individual items / fragments etc Arrays = different ways that the Objects have been combined and either privately documented or exhibited (for example arrangements, assemblages, collections, installations etc).  Some items are categorised as both. Instructions for Use Items in the Archive can be filtered using the tools below: Filter by duration: Current or Past  Filter by category: Object or Array Filter by keywords such as medium Click on the image to view the item in detail including title, description, duration, additional images and other items it relates to.

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