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Floral fragment ritual (ongoing)

This project documents the reiterative act of noticing the details of plants in my everyday (urban) environment. The focus is not explicitly on documentation, but on the act of taking the time to get up close and observe small details. This reminds me to move through the world more slowly as I go about my day, and it strengthens my tacit understanding of the presence of the miraculous in the everyday. By intentionally being more present in my daily life, I become more attuned to the ways in which the real and the ideal coexist. 

Making with (ongoing)

Creating with others in open-ended and informal gatherings (for example, to sketch, paint or garden), is a recurrent way through which I tend to the immaterial things that are of value to me, such as relationships and experiences of connection.

These moments are often spontaneous and undirected, offering a chance for participants (myself included) to slow down and fully engage in an activity without particular concern for the outcome. It is a reminder to myself be more playful, something I find easier in the presence of others. 



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