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Mary Mattingly's Swale

Updated: May 31, 2022

I included this project as one of interest when I was doing Critical Frameworks for Art in Public Space but still feel it is relevant in the sense that I am interesting in using plants and gardening and part of my art practice and potentially as a means of extending my participatory practice beyond the use of more traditional art materials.

Towards the end of semester I sowed some seeds in a plot of land just in front of the warehouse where I have my studio. The land faces the street and north, a great site for growing things that will be seen and hopefully engaged with. Whilst not truly a public site (it is not accessible unless the gates are open), passers by do notice when the studio / gallery is open and interaction happens organically so I anticipate some interest in the garden from the local community and perhaps that, as well as the "community" attached to the studios and my own visitors (friends and family), will be a good starting point. As I right this I realise that perhaps the best intention to have with regards to the making of physical work, is a starting point, then seeing what unfolds and where that leads, and how that evolves over time. Gardens are ongoing, and I think I best like art projects that can be similarly described as ongoing.

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