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Jahnne Pascoe-White

Updated: May 31, 2022

Jahnne Pasco-White Becoming with 2019 Installation view Gertrude Studios, Photograph by Christo Crocker

Jahnne Pasco-White Motion in the Opposite Direction 2017 installation view

Jahnne Pasco-White Bodily Feeling 1 2021 paper linen silk cotton plant based crayons beeswax crayons natural dyes hibiscus olive rosemary oil stick pencil acrylic earth pigments plant based paints rice glue pva on canvas 195.0 x 169.0 cm Photo: Christo Crocker

Both Jahnne's aesthetic and material approach to painting align with my own desire to be more considerate of the material trajectory of my creations and shift away from materials that are toxic and derived from petrochemicals.

Her approach to layering materials and extending the painting beyond itself, utilising collage and mixed media suggests a similar interest to approaching the making of work through engagement with the process rather than outcome, allowing marks and material forms to be both revealed and concealed through this process.

I've usually only worked on an unstretched support, as she does, when drawing, but recently created a large work pieced together using collage, which, given I have so much material on hand in my studio was a very accessible and intuitive process. This switching between fast and slow modes of creation (the material, or ephemera having accumulated through my practice over a number of years), feels akin to a kind of seasonal approach, a more sustainable approach to making perhaps.

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