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Helen Maurer

While experimenting with the digital projector to explore iterations and virtual / physical layering of the floral fragments it occurred to me that a traditional projector, or silhouette of actual plant fragments could also be explored using a handmade projector or just a directed light source.

Investigating artists that use light in this way, I came across Helen Maurer, who creates installations and videos to utilise the interplay of light projections and shadow / silhouettes, and in some projects, create site specific works.

Helen Maurer, re Composing Solo show, Danielle Arnaud Contemporary Art, London, November 2016

re Composing uses light, mirrors, simple overhead projectors and natural materials to explore elements of architecture, history and religious worship, highlighted and magnified through projection around the space. The installation continues re Connected re Creation a work made for Holy Trinity Church in York

Helen Maurer, Grey Gardens, 2012 "Grey Gardens, 2012, references a domestic display cabinet housing etched drinking glasses. A light from above illuminates a central mirror, propped at an angle. This rotates around the box, casting a circle of reflected light through the glass objects to create animated shadows on the walls of the cabinet. The shadows have the qualities of a pencil drawing. This work is one of a series of investigations into animating still objects though moving the light source"

Size: 35cm x 76cm wide x 39.5cms high Materials: wood; glass; mirror; halogen light image and text source:

Helen Maurer, Eclipsed by the boy, 2011

Glass/mirror, wood, plastic, halogen spot-light

22cms x 25cms x 70cms

Photography: installation shot Tom Gold, details Helen Maurer image source:

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