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Greetings from Melbourne...

Hello all. I’m resurfacing to say hello to friends - old and new :)

No doubt 2020 has been a strange and challenging year for us all - and probably quite a polarising mix of lived experiences. For me I’ve been fortunate enough to stay well and safe, and having had little else to distract myself with during Melbourne lockdown (when even time outside has been limited), I’ve painted MY HEART OUT. It’s been cathartic, grounding and probably quite literally kept me sane.

What has completely amazed me is how well my work has been received - thank you! I’m so very grateful!

If anything, this year has been a bit of a wake up call and helped me get clearer about my values. Percy and I have decided to move back to Newcastle at the end of the year to be closer to immediate family, and yes, I’m going to prioritise this thing called making art because I love it, and it sustains me.

Creativity-wise I’m also looking forward to sharing my creative process a bit more. As much as I love sharing my finished pieces, I feel that the heart of my practice lies in its process, so I'm hoping to share a bit more of that here in the this space!

In the meantime, here's some more tangible offerings...

Free Postcards

There’s something pretty special about slowing down and penning a letter to a friend don’t you think? I need to get reacquainted with my own handwriting - it’s been a while!

If you missed the recent giveaway on Instagram and would like some of my free art postcards to send to friends, or keep - or better still, both - please email me with your postal address and I’ll send some your way.

And to those that DID participate but haven’t received them yet - I promise, they are coming!

I had to get more printed but you should receive them in the next few weeks for Australians and a bit later for those overseas. Feel free to email me if they haven't turned up in the next month :)

Limited Edition Art Print Launch - Saturday 31st October 8am AEST

I’ve just selected a special handful of artworks that I created this year to be released as limited edition prints.These are being offered exclusively via Greenhouse Interiors and are being launched to coincide with their special End Year | Pre-Xmas Sale (30% off RRP) which is happening for two days only from 8am AEST Saturday 31st October - 11.59pm Sunday 1st November.

New original artwork - early offering

"Purple Dahlias"

Mixed media on panel

60 x 60cm

The composition of my work seems to oscillate between tightly held bouquets and more loose abstracted blooms - this one is definitely more the latter and I’m really happy with how it turned out.

This artwork is now available to my email subscribers at a special price for the next 48 hours only

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