Jo Dyer-heide floral fragment--2_edited.jpg

Floral fragment ritual (ongoing)

This project documents the reiterative act of noticing the details of plants in my everyday (urban) environment. The focus is not explicitly on documentation, but on the act of taking the time to get up close and observe small details. This reminds me to move through the world more slowly and strengthens my tacit understanding of the presence of the miraculous in the everyday. By intentionally being more present in my daily life, I become more attuned to the ways in which the real and the ideal coexist. 

This mindful practice of connecting to plants developed early in my childhood where I spent much time in my family’s gardens in Port Fairy and Shortland. This habit took on new significance when my father died, who drowned in 2015. In response I sought out the gentle companionship of the plants in my small courtyard on a regular basis, and intuitively set about gardening and making art there as a means to tend to my own grief. I continue to visually reference these personal experiences of connection, belonging and care through photographic and abstracted botanical impressions and motifs in my work. These floral fragments are visual reminders that plants are always there for us, and it is part of my practice to be there for them too. 

below: experimental digital artworks incorporating floral fragment footage
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