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Selected Exhibitions


Fortyfivedownstairs, Melbourne

5th - 16th February 2019

Jo Dyer’s exhibition Shape of Thought features paintings and sculptures that are as much about media and process as they are about evoking an interconnectedness between her inner and outer worlds.

Dyer’s practice is informed by processes of introspection and observation, and a particular interest in exploring inner and outer worlds and how they shape each other. With an interest in psychology and a tendency to think a lot about the nature of thinking, Dyer observes and documents the dynamic between her thoughts and perception of her surroundings.

In her own words, Dyer appreciates “how connecting with the natural world through observation slows my stream of consciousness, allowing greater space between my thoughts and an increased awareness of their presence. This is never attained for long. I constantly fuse with my mind’s ceaseless content, getting caught up in all it’s “blah”. All that I observe and experience in this world is affected by my mind’s relentless narration, but acknowledging this in my art practice reminds me not to take it too seriously.”

Using the detail and repetition she finds in the plant world as a representation of the mind, Dyer builds layered imagery of leaves, buds and seeds that take on a double meaning, these structures denote themselves as well as thoughts and feelings while hinting at the transience of all things.

10% of proceeds from the sale of work are being donated to Australian charity Global Gardens of Peace

Gallery 139 | August 2018

A solo exhibition of paintings, drawings and ceramic sculptures that explore the healing relationship between nature and bereavement.