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Relational Act I 09.2023

Mixed media (acrylic, chalk pastel, pigment and plant-based binder) on wood panel
(Painted over previous artwork "Shadow Bloom" c. Nov 2020)
Artwork was framed by artist / framer Lyndal Campbell from wood salvaged from a broken organ

Artwork Statement:
Painting is a relational act. The process and outcome are better if I pay attention to what the paint wants to do. I utilise my painting practice to relate to the world in a considered way.
By sharing the outcome I hope others form their own connection with the work.

Exhibited Nov 2023 - Jan 2024 at Ellipsis Gallery, Woolloomooloo

Item duration:

Object or Array:

Sep 2023 - current (unframed 25 Feb 2024)


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