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Ensemble 2024.02.12

Acrylic, pigment and plant-based binder on wood panel, cardboard and paper fragments, twine
(Painted over "Abstract Bouquet" 2020)

Exhibited as part of "NAS Atelier", Newcastle Art Space
23rd February - 10 March 2024

Artwork statement:
"This object is a temporary assemblage of different objects that have accumulated within my studio over a couple of years. Items such as paper scraps and cardboard palettes used as surfaces to mix, discharge or soak up excess paint. Though not intended as art objects in themselves they have nonetheless participated in the art making process and are encrusted with the history of these processes.

I have arranged these objects into an assemblage to enact my desire to keep engaging with these old objects in new ways, to continue our shared narrative of engagement. I appropriated a macrame plant hanger design and wove an ornamental sling as a temporary way to hold and display these objects for the duration of their exhibition. Afterwards, the objects will be disassembled and stored for safekeeping.

Having “created” so many material things over more than fifteen years of practice, it makes sense to me now to orient my practice away from the production of new things made from materials sourced elsewhere, toward a considered approach of engaging with what I have already made.

I am embracing the challenge of finding ways to document and share these enduring yet evolving connections and have started an online archive to share this work in greater detail. The archive is a live database that will grow and evolve as I continue to document my ongoing engagement with these materials."

Item duration:

Object or Array:

12 Feb 2024 - 13 Mar 2024

Object, Array

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